Your symbolic wedding ceremony in France

Paris Eiffel Tower Elopement

 A fully customized ceremony...

just for you...

you and few guests...

you and your families...


I'm Florence. I am a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® , specifically trained by The Celebrant Foundation and Institute and have more than 5 years of experiences in performing ceremonies.

I'm french native and english speaking celebrant. 


What I love in life ? Traveling and exploring cultures from different countries but most of all I love my job and creating tailor-made wedding ceremonies. Each day, I'm learning from this job and each day I'm learning from you that trust me in performing their wedding ceremony.

My purpose : Creating a fully customized ceremony, telling your story and being your voice… Your ceremony will be the reflection of your unique love…

You will entrust me all the ingredients that make your relationship so unique, I will mix them, harmonize them and create a complete warm ceremony, a fear balance between emotion, truth, humour. You’ll have the final word on the script of your ceremony.



Your Story... Your Voice... Your Ceremony...

Life-Cycle Celebrant® are ceremony  specialists who have a solid background in history of rituals, ceremonies and the traditions of many cultures, beliefs and religions. They are experts at managing rehearsals and performing weddings. They are experienced in the art of ceremonial public speaking.


Life-Cycle Celebrant® are trained and accredited by « Celebrant Foundation & Institute » - - to design, write and perform ceremonies which helps people, couples and families to mark the moment and  important milestones of their personal or professional life. 


Personalized ceremonies are the speciality of Celebrants. Each ceremony is designed to reflect who the honorees are either as individuals or as a couple or as a family. A Celebrant certified by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute will take the time to listen and to understand the honorees’ beliefs and values and what makes their ceremony unique.

In a Celebrant ceremony, the honorees are empowered. Nothing is imposed on them. Instead, in a collaborative process, the Celebrant will guide them in choosing rituals, readings, symbols and musics to fulfill their ideals and vision for their Ceremony. No two Celebrant ceremonies are the same. 


Your Wedding Ceremony

You would love to live a wonderful and romantic ceremony with sense, spirituality and truth in France.


Your wedding ceremony should be a true reflection of your special love and bond.


Together, we will create a beautiful ceremony that will respect and reflect your journey together, your values, your style and your relationship.

We can be as unique, creative, formal, or informal, as you wish. 

I will listen to you, make suggestions, and in the end, we will have the perfect ceremony.

Trianon Palace Elopement Ceremony

Elopement in Paris City

You’ve made the choice to have a symbolic ceremony or you’ve made the choice to elope or to renew your vows in Paris City.


I will help you to express and share the joy of this day with a fully tailor-made ceremony, just for both of you or you and few guests in one of our most famous romantic places in Paris City or in the intimacy of your hotel.